Trusted Trader

Membership Review Procedure

Where Trading Standards have reason to suspect or believe that a Member may be in breach of the terms and conditions or is no longer suitable to be a member, this procedure will be used

Where a suspected breach is considered to constitute a significant risk of harm to consumers, to others or to the scheme, membership may be suspended with immediate effect for up to 28 days by giving notice to the Member.

The Member will be notified of any suspected breach promptly, unless early notification might prejudice any related investigation

Trading Standards will make enquiries to establish the extent and nature of any actual breach.

If a breach is found, one or all of the following sanctions may be imposed on the member

  • Written warning
  • Suspension from the scheme
  • Revocation of membership

In certain circumstances, the Member may be given the opportunity to remedy any breach prior to a sanction being imposed.

Dundee City Council reserves the right to publicise the details of any sanction where appropriate.

This procedure, and any action taken or decision made under it, shall not affect any other action which might also be taken as a result of the members conduct or alleged conduct including:

  • Enforcement action by any Trading Standards authority or any other enforcement body.
  • Disciplinary action by any trade association or similar body.
  • Referral to Kent County Council Trading Standards
  • Civil proceedings by a consumer, customer or supplier.